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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - Part 10

Originally Posted by TheNextNolan22 View Post
Creative input for starters.
Originally Posted by RedIsNotBlue View Post
1. That A lister box office draw (Granted it's a Superman/Batman film so this one doesn't really matter)

2. Considering he is playing Batman that opens up the door for him to actually direct the next Batman film...or maybe even the Justice League film. Say what you want about his acting but the guy really is an amazing director and I would love him to direct a Batman flick even if it means him playing Batman as well.
Originally Posted by Jekecy View Post
Plus the curiosity factor. Had Brolin been cast, there wouldn't be nearly as much buzz going into his performance; a big reason why I didn't want him, although he is objectively the better fit.

People are actively tuning into this production, which will only help once the hype train gets rolling.
Okay...I guess. I do think he can direct. The Town is one of the best films I've seen, but it's a blatant rip from

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