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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - Part 10

Originally Posted by RedIsNotBlue View Post
Well agree with you on Argo. Like I said it is still very good but didn't think it was best picture good. I can't disagree with you enough on Gone Baby Gone. Loved it and he also helped write it. Can't forget about Good Will Hunting either which he helped write. The guy just has an amazing track record so far behind the camera.
Not so much in

But again, I'm just skeptical because he does seem like an odd choice.

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Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I've heard so many people talk about how Superman would kill Lois if they ever had sex, but I've never heard someone make this point before and it's brilliant. If Superman's bodily fluids are so dangerous, then he'd have to use a kryptonite toilet every time he takes a dump.
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