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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by Bruce_Begins View Post
Thor 2 On Track To Hammer Man of Steel At The Box Office?

An earlier tweet by Cosmic Book News EIC Matt McGloin read "Thor is the new Superman," and now the numbers might be supporting that.

Box Office Mojo has put together some estimates, and while Thor 2 is running behind Man of Steel domestically at the box office, it is hammering Superman internationally.

The Motely Fool, an investment website and content partner for USA Today, estimates that Thor 2 will end up close to the Man of Steel's final numbers (see chart below).

They have it that Thor 2 could finish with around $660 million worldwide, with Man of Steel having $663 million (which is actually less than the $700 million Warner Bros. hoped for and why some believe Batman was added to the mix).

Currently, Thor 2 has netted $147 million domestically after being open for ten days.

The same time period saw Man of Steel at a whopping $249 million in the U.S.

What's interesting about Man of Steel's numbers is that after ten days it only went on to make another $42 million ($291 total for U.S.), which possibly means the film had no staying power with some word-of-mouth reviews being so negative.

Fan thoughts on Thor 2, however, have been for the most part positive.

Another bonus for Thor 2 could be its staying power in movie theaters. For some reason, Man of Steel got yanked early - appearing only 98 days in theaters, which is actually less than the 2011 Thor movie. That 98 days for the Man of Steel is considerably less than any of The Dark Knight movies and is even less than Superman Returns. It's possible if Thor 2's numbers remain steady, it could overtake Man of Steel at the box office as it simply will be shown more.

Another interesting number: The foreign total for Man of Steel is $371,800,000. Thor 2 is currently sitting at $332,800,000.

Thor 2 is currently at $479,765,000 worldwide, which looks good for the possibility of a Thor 3 or a Loki spinoff movie.
Of course it should be noted that MOS had a better second weekend that TTDW. As anyone reading this board would know, the two films faced entirely different second weekends. Thor only faced one adult focused comedy and MOS faced two other big hit movies, one aimed directly at kids and families and one aimed at teens and above. Had MOS had a second week without real competition (or even just one of the two movies it faced) it would have easily crossed the 700 mill that WB wanted. That is on the studio not on the film.

That said, TTDW was a fun movie which seems to be Marvel's wheel house right now. I fall into the camp that just wants all CBMS to be be good and successful. I am 47 and remember clearly just how bad the CBM world was until relatively recently. In the end though, I would trade MOS for the entire MCU. Go MOS!

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