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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by kalelvis View Post
Of course it should be noted that MOS had a better second weekend that TTDW. As anyone reading this board would know, the two films faced entirely different second weekends. Thor only faced one adult focused comedy and MOS faced two other big hit movies, one aimed directly at kids and families and one aimed at teens and above. Had MOS had a second week without real competition (or even just one of the two movies it faced) it would have easily crossed the 700 mill that WB wanted. That is on the studio not on the film.

That said, TTDW was a fun movie which seems to be Marvel's wheel house right now. I fall into the camp that just wants all CBMS to be be good and successful. I am 47 and remember clearly just how bad the CBM world was until relatively recently. In the end though, I would trade MOS for the entire MCU. Go MOS!

Nice ! The summer blockbuster season is a tough one. Down here MOS came up against Pacific Rim, which I loved (although not as much as MOS, but more than TDW), whereas TDW had an overall weaker field to compete with.

I too, being over 40 remember CBM's of old, having said that remember George Reeves as Superman on TV in black and white, still awesome. And Reeve and Donner, are still awesome today, products of their time, true, but I watched SMTM recently, while it's not comparable to MOS in terms of effects, in every other respect it is equally wonderful, and THE great Superman film, to which all others are compared -but having said that, MOS does the job of Superman TM and Superman II combined.

Anyway, in short, go MOS, setting new standards in awesome !

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