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Default Re: The "Little Things" You Appreciated/Loved Thread - Part 1

Originally Posted by Kryptonian Titan View Post
Just watched my B-R, and there are so many things I loved (quite a few couldn't be qualified as ''little things''):

-Everything about Krypton; it's so beautiful
- Jor-El
- The ''girls'', specially Lois, Lara and Faora
- The cinematography, which is gorgeous and so much different from the generic look of most CBMs, imo
- The fact that it's, at heart, a Sci-Fi movie
- How Godlike the kryptonians are
- Superman's badass attitude towards the military
- The costume (one of the best ever, imho)
- The fact that we've finally seen an world level threat in modern CBM.

I guess that's it, for now.
I think that's the number 1 thing I loved about this movie. Goyer and Snyder went for broke in this and didn't hold back. This is the most epic action I've seen in any superhero movie and made the Avengers' Battle of New York look like kindergarten. It's for this reason that I am TREMENDOUSLY looking forward to Supes and Batman's showdown in the sequel.

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