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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - Part 10

Originally Posted by theShape View Post
I can still vividly remember when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. I was so shocked and actually very upset, simply because I couldn't see it at all. He was the last person I ever would have imagined would be cast as the ****ing Joker, arguably one of the best villains EVER in all entertainment mediums.

Well, we all know how that turned out. Once the first teasers trickled in, I was already sold and beyond excited. He delivered in every way possible. I had a similar reaction upon hearing Ben's casting (shock and anger), but I quickly calmed down and got behind the idea. There's a definite wait-and-see approach that is necessary here, but as I've said, it reassures me that the filmmakers believe in him enough to make this bold casting choice.

What reassures me even further is that Ben believes in himself enough to accept this daunting role which comes with such baggage and responsibility to legions of fans around the world. Remember, this is the last thing he NEEDED to do. Coming off a Best Picture Oscar win as a director with lots of Hollywood clout, he's signed on to play Batman. If he's confident in himself and thinks he is right for this role, then there's little I can do but be confident in him as well.

I just can't wait to see how this all turns out. I think it's a bit strange how negative some fans have been about the whole thing. It's going to be a real exciting time.
The Heath Ledger analogy is really old, redundant, and overused IMO. It also does not apply here. They're two entirely different cases.

Heath was young, didn't have a long career and was no A-list either. His talent hasn't fully been seen due to that. On the other hand, Affleck is an A-list actor/writer/director in his 40's with an entire long career behind him. We've see his strengths, his weaknesses, the acting range he has, etc. Heath needed a chance - not necessarily a comic book film chance but just a chance in general - to show how great of an actor he was. Affleck has an entire career behind him and has never demonstrated that he is some A-list actor. TJ Kirk put it best when he said "In bad movies, Ben Affleck is bad in them and is great movies, Ben Affleck is ok/pretty good in them".

Plus, most of the problems people had with Heath were Brokeback Mountain-associated. People did not want a "some gay guy" to play the Joker. Take the Brokeback Mountain complaints away and the backlash Heath's casting had is nowhere near Affleck's.

If anything, this is more of a George Clooney situation. Both Affleck and Clooney are A-list actors with a career behind him and everyone thought Clooney would do great because he was A-list and had a solid career and because he had the look, something people say about Affleck as well. We know how that turned out. Now I don't think Affleck will be anywhere as bad as Clooney, but the same idea applies.

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