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Default Re: Thanos' role in Age of Ultron

Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
So in your opinion, Hank Pym, otherwise known as the Superhero/Avenger/founding Avenger Ant-Man, who will be starring in his own movie a few months after Age of Ultron is released is not a hero, but a villain? On the same level of someone like Justin Hammer (funded a terrorist's work) and Arnim Zola, a Nazi scientist?
Not at all.
Hank Pym is a deeply flawed hero. I call him an anti-hero, and everyone around here *****es; but what I'm saying is that he's not a hero in the traditional sense of a role model, paragon of virtue, all that razzmatazz. He's a mentally disturbed individual who has a dysfunctional "family" with Janet, Ultron, Vision, and Jocasta. That's what makes the Ultron of the comics so interesting, because there's a lot of Freudian psychodrama there.

And we won't see any of that in the final analysis for AOU. Instead, they'll either go with the tragic hero angle that you believe in, wherein a good guy builds a bad robot; or the typical simple villain angle that I believe in, wherein a bad guy builds a bad robot. Neither angle adequately captures what Ultron and Pym are all about, so either version is a major step down, imho; but I just think Marvel/Disney will keep it simple for the kids and the marketing aspect of the film. They're not very big on making tragic and flawed heroes, or making a golden goose like Tony Stark lose hero points by creating a genocidal robot that he can't rein in.


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