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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by Krumm View Post
Why do they need to pull it off? Why not do something different?

They could just carbon copy everything that has been done before and dick the audience around with the dramatic irony but they chose to do the opposite. They decided the challenge the idea and give us an actual relationship between Lois and Clark one that hasn't been seen on the big screen. They have a real partnership now and their adoration for each other is based on who they actually are and not God-like hero and lovesick girl that they've have been portrayed as for decades.

Their decision to go against what's been done before is the opposite of lazy.
Based on the way Goyer described it as a 'way out' to avoid issues with Lois and the Clark/Superman identity, I'd describe it as lazy.

And unfortunately that supposed relationship never came to pass onscreen. The film took a lot of heat for the dynamic between them being completely forced and contrived. Personally I think a lot of that has to do with Lois knowing from before he even became Superman. It nullified any tension between the characters and we ended up with a very stale 'relationship.'

Originally Posted by hopefuldreamer View Post
TBH I always said the best way to deal with this 'issue' is just completely ignore it and let the audience deal with it.

Clark Kent wears glasses as a disguise. This is such a well known fact about Superman that I just don't see how anyone will bat an eye lid when it's in this film as well.

Any attempts at 'explaining' the disguise will actually draw MORE attention to how unrealistic it is.
That may work for comicbook fans who are already used to that kind of thing. But for general audiences, not so much. Letting the audience 'deal with it' is a lazy approach from the men supposedly committed to "redefining" Superman and making him modern and accessible to general audiences.

Originally Posted by Powerman34 View Post
I guess the writers of Smallville we're lazy too huh? How about you write a screenplay and submit it to the WB. If they like it then we could see your Supes on screen in about 20 years. I just don't get all this hate on Goyer, like it's been said over and over he is a great idea man and he is obviously crafting a DCU on the big screen for us to enjoy. I just wish he had a hand in the Green Lantern movie, just imagine how much better that would have been.
Really? You're using the writing on CW's Smallville has an echelon of quality?

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