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Default Re: Post your Favourite Thor Smackdown ! Comic book or movie

I managed to miss this thread until you referred to it in another thread but I'll start with pointing out that you have never offended me on the subject of Thor. I have no problems with differing opinions and you've never been one of those that I've seen have a poor attitude when discussing it.

When it comes to my favorite victories I'm going to go with my current favorite, which is a very recent one; the defeat of Gorr the god butcher. I'm just in love with the current run that Jason Aaron is writing.

First of all we get to see three Thors do battle with Gorr (viking age, modern age and future king) and there's something very badass about seeing modern day Thor wield two Mjolnirs. Thor absorbs the power of a bomb meant to kill every god in time and space through that all the gods notice what's happening and pray to him (seeing Odin pray to his son was amazing) and after the explosion Thor stands both with two Mjolnirs and embraced by the dark weapon Gorr had used, and then blasts him into crumbling defeat. Then we get one of the best complete defeats of a villain ever when Gorr, he who hated all gods and wanted to rid the universe of them, has his "son" (just a part of Gorr himself) name him God of Hypocrisy before he dies.

There's of course a price to pay here as well, as modern day Thor dies, but he's resurrected by the future king version of himself through the Thorforce.

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