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Default Re: MOS2 suit: news, speculation and pics (discussion thread)

I don't believe they'll make any changes to the costume but if they do, here are 2 minor alterations I'd like to see:

- The midsection design should be even more obviously used to break-up the sea of light-blue that is the bodysuit.
- The dark-blue color of the midsection design (and wristbands) should match that of the boots.

The midsection design is too subtle, it needs to look more deliberate as if to say "Yeah I got rid of the red undies, got a problem with that?" As for the boots, the same blue color that's used for the midsection (and wristbands) should be used. If not for anything else then for the fact that when stationary, looking at the costume head-on with the long red cape, it appears almost as if the legs are chopped-off below the knees. The knee-high boots should not blend-in with the red cape and changing the boots' color to blue would solve that issue.

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