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Default Re: Thanos' role in Age of Ultron

Originally Posted by cherokeesam View Post
Not at all.
Hank Pym is a deeply flawed hero. I call him an anti-hero, and everyone around here *****es; but what I'm saying is that he's not a hero in the traditional sense of a role model, paragon of virtue, all that razzmatazz. He's a mentally disturbed individual who has a dysfunctional "family" with Janet, Ultron, Vision, and Jocasta.
Disney wouldn't have portrayed him as a "mentally disturbed" individual with a dysfunctional family; even if they had kept him as Ultron's creator. it'd be unrealistic to expect that. consider how long it took to build that "family," for instance. that would have taken up, at least, two movies; at the expense of the other Avengers. and my money's on hypothetical movie-Pym being no more disturbed than RDj's Tony Stark (and his family; Pepper, Jarvis, and Dummy).

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