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Default Re: Ruffahulk Ruffasmash

I think Vapor and X-Ray may actually be relatively cheap considering it's mostly a special effects thing. One is constantly glowing, and one just needs an artist who specializes in smoke effects. The extensive CG animating with muscle simulation and very precise lighting (lighting can really make or break the realism but is coincidentally perhaps the most tedious part of post production) can be saved for Iron Clad and the Hulk himself.

Vector can probably go without a physical transformation, instead focusing on his matter repelling ability which could basically play out with Chronicle type effects.

Overall, I don't think the U-FOES would necessarily be that expensive. Especially if you happen to give them the ability to switch off those powers, which may be a side effect of their reinvention for movie adaption.

Rick Jones would be a very welcome addition to the MCU, but frankly I'd rather have Betty come back, and flesh out her character before we introduce Walters. Hell, I'd really like for She Hulk to get her own show instead of being a supporting role next to her cousin. It'd be like Law and Order but with super heroes.

The other's I'm not too sure of. Not that familiar with the material I'm afraid, or maybe I'm not caught up. From what I take, Cho would make a good sidekick character, but so would Jones so it might get redundant. Save one to be Walter's side kick lol.

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