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Default Re: Ben Affleck IS Batman - Part 10

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
I thought Clooney was well known at the time. I know he started acting in the 1980's and was in his mid-to-late 30's by the time B&R came out. Regardless, my analogy still applies. Heath had a young career and he never a chance to prove him (and I mean prove himself on a scale much bigger than BM, which is what TDK did). Affleck has an entire career behind him. That's why, in my opinion, having a lack of faith in Ben Affleck is more justified than in a case such as Heath's.

A lot of the forums I've been on talked a lot about BW when Heath was cast, from what I remember.

Also, I don't think Affleck will fall flat like Clooney did. I just think he's "meh".

Many people didn't even know who he was until he was cast as the Joker (including me).
This is the mistake though. Just because an actor has been around for a long career, doesn't mean they can't grow/evolve at their artform. It doesn't mean they can't still surprise an audience, or themselves for that matter. Art is expression, and a musician, painter, actor, whatever..can change their ways even after decades of being around. You could be right and Affleck could have shown all his tricks, but i wouldnt call him a one trick pony. But yes, he's close. Just look at the last couple of films he's done that he directed himself. His range has grown. He may just be getting started.

Ill use McConaughay as an example. He's older than Affleck (or maybe the same age) and i feel like he's gone through a rebirth. He's starting to show us things we never thought were possible coming from him.

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