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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by JKKS085 View Post
No but you have Goyer admitting in an interview, that is pretty much the subject of this thread mind you, that he didn't plan to make "Report Clark" work in the context of the franchise. Which is in my mind a lazy approach of the character since Clark Kent is kind of important in his own way.
Now if he didn't seemed so embarassed with this idea to the point where he barely had (Reporter) Clark Kent involved in a Superman origin story (which I still find at the very least debatable by the way) and is now confessing that he had no idea how to make the persona work, I wouldn't be concerned.

It's pretty simple actually, if he is not up to the task, if he really is unable to make something so important from the Superman mythos work within the context he created, if he can't thoroughly think out of the box and go through with his own ideas instead of just writing himself into a corner after one freaking movie, then I'm pretty sure he can find some other ways to occupy his free time

Or like I said don't jump to conclusions and avoid stock prepared answers.
I talked about the secret identity thing and never mentionned Lois or a departure from the comics.
How is that a lazy approach? The whole point of Man of Steel was that it was grounded in realism. Meaning, you can't have bumbling idiot Clark and glasses disguise and expect people to not be a bit cynical of his actions. The logical conclusion would be to scrap the Clark Kent identity (mind you, this was something people expected until Man of Steel came out).
If you compare that to his previous work, Batman Begins, he's had it a bit easier then. With a character like Bruce Wayne, it's a easier because Bruce intentionally acts like a careless, spoiled, rich guy and that throws off any suspicion people might have for thinking he's Batman. Clark doesn't have that luxury. Also, his face is plastered over the news as Superman. Who's to say that if it was scrapped, that maybe Goyer had a different plan in mind? We will never know.

Also, why would it be any grounds for concern? MOS is a ground zero film in which Kal-El's identity is to be explored before he can accept his "humanity" (for lack of a better term). The whole Clark Kent dichotomy in an origins story is beaten to death (SR to a lesser extent, and SI). Though, what's especially interesting is that the older movies overemphasized the Clark Kent side while ignoring the implications of his alien lineage. On the other hand, this film is placing more emphasis on the alien side than the human side. It's a breath of fresh air.

Again, you're extrapolating too early and jumping the gun. All writers have some kind of difficulty at some point, especially in blockbusters. The most famous being that Nolan and Goyer had no idea how to progress the story in the third act of TDKR. Does that mean that Goyer and Nolan aren't up to task because they had writer's block and couldn't figure out how to conclude Bruce's character arc? I'll leave that up to debate.

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