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Default Re: Man of Steel vs Thor TDW, seen 'em both, what do you folks think ? Compare/contra

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
The irony is that Thor: The Dark World and Man of Steel have a lot of things in common with each other.

1. Both of their lead heroes wear red capes and can fly (though through different means from each other of course).

2. Both of the heroes' leading ladies (Lois and Jane) are presented as being their strongest ties to Earth.

3. Both heroes end up choosing Earth over their own heritage.

4. Zod and Malekith both have some large spaceship/aircraft that they use to travel around and where both play a part in the final battle fort the dominion over Earth.

5. Zod and Malekith both have powerful individuals serving their beck and call (Faora and Kurse).

6. The main villains from both films kill one of the heroes' parents (Jor-el and Frigga)

7. Superman and Thor have a lot of scenes where they shout out in anger and agony.

8. Both Superman and Thor have an scientist figure that helps them find a way to defeat their enemies (Dr Emil Hamilton and Erik Selvig).
wow... so why is the copycat?
btw, will Thor gonna have an alter ego on the earth?

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