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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Lifeforce - Taylor Shilling

I went for a larger name here for somebody who'll hog the good catfight scenes with Domino and Psylocke

Tusk - Terry Crews

As somebody who'll be the big guy who fights Colossus, I'd say that Crews would be great for those scenes. Tusk needs to be big and imposing, which Crews does really well.

Hurricane - Larry the Cable Guy

When it comes to somebody who can play a middle-aged fat guy who won't have much screen time but needs to leave an impact, I'd say that Larry works.

Barrage - Nicholas King

Barrage will get a fight scene in but for the most part, he doesn't talk, he just stays silent and looks cool while firing energy blasts. King worked as Mr. Boogie in Sinister doing just that.

Foxbat -I don't care as long as he's a contortionist. He doesn't need actual lines since he's creepier without them. Can anyone here name a male contortionist actor?

And yes, I would keep Hurricane, Barrage and Foxbat to only one or two action scenes each. Tusk wouldn't have all that large of a role either aside from the Colossus fight.

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