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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

It would have been cool to have Clark as a free-lance reporter at the beginning of the film. Imagine him specialized in maybe UFOs and other strange stories, as a cover to looking for some answer of who he really is. In his trips, he needs to sometimes use his powers to help people, and such events lead the famous Lois Lane on the trail of the mysterious hero.
We would had a game of cat and mouse that could have been interesting, and foreshadowing their future relationship before Zod's arrival.
And this manner, at the end of the movie, Perry White would have received an article about Superman, and amazed by the style of the author and after have checking his anterior work, he had decided to hire this young Kent to put in a team with Lois, thus combining the advantages of a field reporter (Lois in the first line in the destruction of Metropolis) and a reporter for effective pen.
Anyway, just an idea to make Clark's job at the Daily Planet something more believable, or more fluid. But to be honest, It doesn't bother me the way it is. One line or two in the next film can precise why Clark works here without any problem.
About the glasses, I think we have to not forget that in almost every fiction and in particular in superhero genre, there's a deal between creators and spectators, a little something that they share, to create a link between them and to give the audience the feel to be advantaged in order to maintain the interest. Here, Clark and his glasses. No need to nitpicking about the "realistic" aspect of the movie, the glasses are just a gimmick, a classic element. Nobody ever asks how Peter Parker takes pictures of Spiderman in weird angles and incongruous places.

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