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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
In MOS, with facial recognition software, the military would know who he was right away.

Not to mention that the Kryptonians go the Kent's farm, etc.

But I really don't care that they didn't go there.

It's also ridiculous that nobody knows Bruce Wayne is Batman, even in the Nolanverse, but I'm totally fine with it. It's just just one of those fun nonsensical things that's part of superheroes: that nobody can figure out who they really are despite how obvious it always is.


As for how they treat the Daily Planet stuff, I'll be fine with a number of ways:

1. They use the realistic route that everyone starts to recognize him on his first day.

2. It's explained why they wouldn't recognize him, etc, and they try to play it straight and make it believable to the audience.

3. They sell the realistic explanation in-universe, but it's played for laughs with the audience, where it's extremely obvious.
I like your way of thinking, but I don't see why the secret identity must be played for complete laughs or strictly laughs. There can be a lot of great moments with it too, take Superman: The Movie for instance where right after Superman drops Lois off from the first flight with her as the camera watches Superman leave the camera, as Lois collects herself, there's a knock at her door, and who is it but Clark Kent! <<< That is fantastic, a moment like that, and I laugh but not in like a "har! har!" way, but it is humor that does not disrupt the movie and fits very appropriately with the characters and enhances them, not a "boy are they sure stupid huh huh!" way, but in a "this is our (the audience) secret" sort of way, which is how it should play, IMO.

I would just play the secret identity thing as very mater of fact and just leave it at that. It is a staple of Superman and has to be there. It is what should be in a Superman movie, naturally.

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