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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by The Valeyard View Post
His time as a drifter didn't showcase that. He's 33, so we can assume he's been drifting for several years, yet his big break only came when he conveniently overheard a conversation by those military officers at the bar he was working at?

Doesn't sound like he was actively researching or seeking out his origins. He just stumbled on to them when the plot called for it.

His time on the boat and the Oil Rig didn't have much to do with him actively seeking out his origins either.

He was portrayed as drifting for the sake of drifting, mainly for plot convenience and surface similarities to Batman Begins.

Back on topic, my point is that they could have gone many different ways with those years. A way that would facilitate the reporter 'Clark Kent' alter ego better.
That's the way I understood, he didn't know what to do with his life, so he took odd jobs, like working on a fishing boat.

Fortune favoured him, and one of his old jobs brought him in close proximity to an alien ship excavation, and because Lois Lane was there, information leaked to the local radio stations.

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