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Default Re: Goyer Admits They Didn't Plan How 'Reporter Clark Kent' Could Make Sense

Originally Posted by charl_huntress View Post
You clearly need to watch the movie again, or your trolling for arguments when the answers you want are actually in the film.

I can't get down with you, dude.

You're on your own.
I pointed up above as to why the 'drifting' aspect of the film was poorly defined.

And sadly, that was just one of the many elements of the film that were poorly executed. I'm in agreement with this review:

Decent concepts, poor execution.

Originally Posted by FeedOnATreeFrog View Post
Both of you are wrong.

He's not actively 'searching' for his origins, and he's not drifting for 'no reason'.

He moves from city to city, taking new names, etc, because he's trying to 'cover his tracks'.

He does owe it to himself "to find out what that reason is", as Jonathan says, but that only comes into play when he overhears the news up north.
I'd buy that as a more logical reason, but even that was weakly defined onscreen.

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