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Default Re: Who's side are you on?

Originally Posted by SuperT View Post
It's not pandering or being ignorant if people want more representation on the big screen. Especially from Marvel, a company that has prided themselves on having a very diverse foundation of characters since it's creation.

We're now seven movies deep into the Marvel movie universe and:

- Never had an African-American character be more than a supporting role outside of Nick Fury

- Never had any Hispanic, Asian (or other minority) character in a lead or supporting role that I can remember, although I could be wrong.

- Outside of Black Widow, never had any female character outside of a supporting role or playing the girlfriend or damsel in distress to the main character.

I'm not saying this is a problem specifically for Marvel Studios - it's a Hollywood/media wide problem - but it's not wrong to point these things out.
People saying that it is a "problem" is exactly what I'm talking about. If the most suitable person for a role is black, Asian or white then that's what they are. Going out of your way to choose actors of certain races is not only suboptimal, it's arguably even racist.

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