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Default Re: MOS2 suit: news, speculation and pics (discussion thread)

Originally Posted by SpideyFan866 View Post
I was just looking at some of the concept art from Man of Steel, and I was curious:

How would you guys feel if they went with one of their designs that featured the red "tights" (it looks like it would be a part of the suit rather than something over it)? Particularly, ones like this which retained the Kryptonian detailing from the MOS?

I just couldn't see the point in adding the red trunk area onto the bodysuit. What purpose would it service other giving the illusion of a look from the old days? I could see leaving the trunks on the suit if it were part of the original design, but adding them on now just wouldn't make any sense to me. Especially when it would just be adding coloring onto the existing suit in that area, not adding actual red trunks. I think the suit is good as it is, just lighten the colors a bit and you'll have a more visually optimistic Superman - get away from the darker image.

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