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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

Originally Posted by Super Jim View Post
Ok, here are my thoughts...

Cable - Michael Biehn

Eh, maybe. Gerard Butler would be better.

Domino - Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Um, too young. This is someone likely to be hooking up with Cable. Their relationship can't be father/daughter, which is what Winstead would be. Olivia Wilde would be better.

Psylocke - Elizabeth Tan

Eh, not sure if she has enough background. What has she been in? It's all TV series and shorts. I think Maggie Q is better, and I'm sure she can fake the accent if needed.

Selene - Monica Belucci

She is too old. Sorry, but it's true.

I didn't see anyone getting all that upset about Tao Okamoto and Hugh Jackman.

For the record, I see Selene as ageless. She can be any age she wants to be what matters is talent.

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