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Default Re: Early Thor Darkworld box-office predictions - Part 1

Originally Posted by T"Challa View Post
It'll be fine. I predicted a 630-650 mill box office and it looks like i will be right on line. 650 mill on a 170 mill budget is a very very successful movie. Especially for one released in November. This is Thor we're talking about, if i had told you his movie would be blowing out Wolverine and X-Men numbers 2 yrs ago, you'd have laughed at me.

Iron Man is clearly a separate beast. only 4 movies in history can top IM3. That should not be a benchmark for any other superhero not named Batman or Spiderman.

So yeah, Thor is a great success, not an insane success. If anyone is really disappointed, you need to realign your perspective.
Consider also that their advertising cost was low as well since they(Disney) own several media outlets....
It all adds up to a VERY nice profit that has everyone smiling...

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