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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

The problem is that people like Bathead have spent literally years patiently laying out cogent and reasonable arguments for why the trunks could be made to work- arguments that have over the years developed a notable degree of nuance and insight- but still, several times a week, some random blunders into the thread and proclaims-

"Dey can't do du underpants dere stoopid!!1"

And then a few more chime in with,

"Yer, yer, du patnies our ****@!!!"

And the Hype loses a few more of its remaining braincells.
Despite you saying this, I have yet to see any of such arguments. Like Guard said, there are well-put arguments for potential uses for something in that area, but never has there been an argument for why said peripheral must be two-toned. The need for black underpants over his pants simply has no basis as far as I've seen. And where do you draw the line? Do you just need black down near his crotch/midsection? Or does it need to be black underwear?

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