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Default Re: The Director of THOR 3

Originally Posted by Hyde View Post
Sorry but I can't agree on the Lawrence part. Have you read the Catching Fire reviews? 94% on RT with 107 fresh reviews so far, insane word of mouth and tracking - might even beat Iron Man 3 - the lot. Bagging Lawrence would be great.

I to hope the Russos stay on for Cap 3.
I Am Legend was an awful representation of the book (totally butchered what the story was about). Also, he made Constantine. That too sucked. Yes, Catching Fire is getting good reviews. That makes exactly 1 good film he has made. Good for him. His track record is still one of mediocrity and crap. In the case of Catching Fire, it looks like he had a good script to go off of. Bagging Lawrence would mean for a mediocre or crappy Thor sequel unless he had an amazing script. The script was a weakness of Thor: TDW (it's strengths were visual). I think handed the Thor 2 script, Taylor makes a better movie than Lawrence would have. I'd rather see Marvel hire a talented director. Not a mediocre one.

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