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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Hey, in real life, would hardened criminals be scared of Batman?

No? I don't know from personal experience, but I do believe that criminals have a fear of police. They are not fearless, they fear those who might hurt or stop them. Batman is one who can stop them, and he'll do things the police never would. Of course criminals would fear Batman. Not BECAUSE of his theatrical attire, of course, but because of his results. The costume just amplifies his mythic status.

Originally Posted by Wise View Post
Armor won't save him from Superman's punch. If Superman wants to punch him then Batman is dead.
The Kryptonians had armor that could take a beating from Superman without injuring the non-powered folk inside. Sure, he eventually broke through the armor anyway, but it still succeeded in protecting the wearer from super-powered blows, so the rules of this universe say it's possible. There's also the Kryptonian material that made up Superman and Zod's "costumes". The cape and suit may have some degree of super-durability, so we might see other similar scifi materials appearing in this universe. It may even be explained as being reverse engineered from the material left behind in the Kryptonian ships or that Zod was wearing when Supes ended him. Maybe this universe is one of the ones where anything from Krypton becomes stronger on Earth and not just the people.

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