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Default Re: Post your Favourite Thor Smackdown ! Comic book or movie

Dude, at last someone steps up.

Now to be honest, I didn't understand a word of that, not having read Thor in the last 10 years, so it didn't make a lick of sense to me, especially the Thorforce bit and the future King Thor resurrecting dead Thor.

But, hey the main point is that YOU enjoyed it. So go Thor !

As my first post suggests, I was a fan of classic Simonson Thor,
now that was sheer awesomeness. Especially the SOUND EFFECTS !!!!

like "BRRRACCKADDOOOM !" and in this case WHRAAANG !!!! and KABASHHH!

Anyway, just for that here's another great Thor Smackdown
Thor fights alongside Loki and Odin, against Surtur, who's about 1000 feet tall
and has the sword "Twilight" that can destroy all of Asgard, and shatter the
walls between dimensions.

Thor takes on a foe that threatens the very shining realm itself. It takes the illusions of Loki, and a great sacrifice from Odin, but the Demon is defeated and Asgard saved.

I picked this one because Thor not only has to fight his hardest, but has to work with Loki (not easy). I liked it, because it's one of those "skin of your teeth" victories, calamity is avoided by the slimmest of margins, and there's still a terrible cost. But something that I thought comic book Thor had (during the Simonson years) was a sense of sacrifice, which raised the character to the height of greatness.

( I don't like the fights where Thor just kicks someone's ass, I like it when he stands atop his fallen foe, bloodied and bruised, wondering how he's still alive).


For further reading, check out this

Some great Thor moments (notice how many of them come from the 80's).
Thor taking on the Celestials, is pretty much like Thor taking on God and his
older brothers.

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