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Default Re: How powerful should Jor-el be from beyond the grave?Can he be used to fix plot ho

Originally Posted by matt47 View Post
When did it work in man of steel?
I really loved the part where Clark had no direction in his life until he was 33, and then when he meets Jor-El he acquires direction and we see him smile for the first time and learn to fly. He runs home to Martha, pleased that he met his real parents.

I also liked the part where Clark was stuck on the Kryptonian ship and did not know what to do. He was strapped down, and would have died and the Earth would have been destroyed. Then, Jor-El tells Lois what to do, and Jor-El changes the atmosphere in the ship so that Clark can escape.

But my favourite part of the movie is toward the end. The Kryptonians have been defined as a force that Clark cannot defeat using brute strength only. They are changing the Earth's gravity and chemistry. They are blasting Metropolis and destroying F-18 fighter planes. They cannot be stopped. They cannot be defeated. Except by Jor-El's technology. Jor-El says if you drop Superman's baby crib onto the Kryptonian ship it will create a perfectly calibrated black hole: one with enough gravity to suck in the kryptonians, but not so much gravity that it destroys the Earth.

The franchise needs more Jor-El -- he kicks so much ass. I'd like to see him go to Oa and defeat Sinestro.

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