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Default Re: The X-force Casting Thread

^ That doesn't make a lot of sense. We have old and young Magneto and Xavier because they were in two different timeline films.

With the technology they have today having one smoking hot, 20-something, dressed in black lingerie, playing Selene and using computers to age her temporarily when she depletes her energy makes more sense.

Why would you want her old for most of the flick, and then later have her absorb someone's lifeforce and make her young. That makes no sense. She should start as young, because if you were Selene that's what you would be, and then later when she has to expend her energy she is shown as aged, absorbs someone's lifeforce and then she is shown becoming young again. Makes way more sense.

All I'm saying about Psylocke is that a Maggie Q is much more known that an Elizabeth Tan.

And ok, I'll agree, there is a double standard in Hollywood. IIWII! It is what it is!

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