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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
Ugh, I really hate that argument. It is a poorly thought out argument that was originally created to defend poorly written pieces of fiction that has, through the years, spread everywhere including into topics such as this.

Just because someone created a universe where x can happen does not mean y and z can happen in that same universe too. There are different kinds of realism and unrealism in fiction. Universes still have a set of rules they have to play by - rules established in this universe from the beginning. There are universes where sci-fi is real but there is no magic. There are universes gods are real but where alternate universes aren't. There are universes where superpowers/extraordinary abilities exist but the way people react to them are exactly like how we in real life would react to them (which is the case with MOS). Whatever the case is, things have to be logical in the context of their respective universe.

The same applies to your example. I'll play devil's advocate and answer your question from the perspective of a "trunks hater". I can buy superpowers existing in this universe because they're realistic in the context of this universe (even though they're unrealistic in the context of our own universe) but I cannot buy that a guy would wear trunks on the outside because the way in which people think and act in this universe have not been shown heightened to that extent.
This is a good point, but I don't think it applies to the trunks argument. This world has already established heroes wearing overly flamboyant
costumes. Trunks aren't really going to make them look any sillier. Were this a Superhero world like the original Xmen films, then I would agree. But we already have Superman in a ridiculous outfit.


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