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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
Stranger still is your inability to appreciate that someone can enjoy something they know is absurd. I don't know why you have adopted this position. All fantasy and almost all science fiction has a degree of absurdity. It is not, on the whole, enjoyed by the masses because it holds up a mirror to mundane reality; it is enjoyed as escapism, allegory, or wish fulfillment.

There is nothing wrong with that; but it is farcical to pretend that the Batman mythos in its entirety is a work of sombre verisimilitude, punctured only by a pair of external trunks.

It doesn't show that at all. What is the reasoning or evidence behind this statement?

Have you seen many films? Is it really your opinion that they are incompatible with absurdity? You appear to claim an understanding of Snyder's "film universe", and what would be compatible with it, but did you catch a movie called "Man of Steel"? That had a space alien that came as a baby from a planet millions of lightyears away, where people rode around on four-winged reptiles, and the baby grew up to be able to fly and lift oil rigs with his bare hands. But get this- the alien looked exactly like one of us!

Would it be impossible for trunks to be worn over one's leggings, in these deeply realistic "film universe"?

Alright, alright, I guess I misunderstood your use of "absurdity" - I'll give you that, so my apologies. I guess I just don't use that word when it comes to describing things I enjoy. With that said, I did see MoS and think I somewhat understand what Snyder/Goyer are trying to build with that film. To me, it didn't come across as too cheesy/comic-booky as other renditions have in the past.

No one said the film was intended to be "deeply realistic" by any means, but it just depicts the comic book world in a slightly more realistic tone. I don't think it's impossible for "trunks to be worn over one's leggings" in the MoS universe, but I feel that the people in that "realistic" Metropolis and Gotham would also have questioned the trunks design in such a modern time, since again, trunks were only ever used because they reflected the costumes of early 20th century gymnastic/strongman/circus performers. Superman started this trend back in the day and, it seems, has ended it now as well. Let trunks live on in the comics, for however long it has left (i.e. new 52 designs) and let the films show these characters in a way that fits the times.

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