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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Astro13Zombie View Post
Right,but would they be respected as suggestions for a live action batsuit if batman never had them originally?

If batman had nothing on top of his cowl for years and years and years and then some guy on some forum said:
"You know what would look cool on the costume? Two long spikes jutting off the top of his head.
Not anything that looks like actual bat ears....SPIKES"
I think you're example of the batears, or "spikes" as you call them, is misguided a bit. The batears are part of the Batman persona, both in the comics and the films. If he never had them to begin with then they would have never been suggested I don't think. I mean you could say "I think our Superman should wear a helmet"...people would laugh at it, some would even feel offended.

I mean you can't compare a key part of Batman's look to a piece of clothing that almost every old-timey superhero had in the comics. Black/blue trunks don't make Batman, they're just what we're all use to seeing before Burton challenged that untouched conception.

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