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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread - Part 8

Originally Posted by Shikamaru View Post
This world has only established one hero so far and he has no trunks. Heck, not just any hero but the hero that the general public associate trunks with the most. If he doesn't have the trunk, neither should Batman.

EDIT: I just had this thought right now. If they thought the trunks weren't necessary for the one superhero that was associated with them the most by the general public, why would they think the trunks are necessary for Batman?
Your point was would trunks work in the established fictional world. In this established fictional world we have one superhero wearing a ridiculous outfit. Trunks are not any more ridiculous than a bright blue outfit with a long red cape. That is the point.

Now, in terms of what the filmmakers will do, I agree. They probably wont go with the trunks, and honestly, I don't really care if they do or don't. However, my point is that it's silly to try and argue any reason for the trunks not to be included, since they're no more ridiculous than any other detail on Batman's outfit. I think trying to argue that is almost as silly as the people who said it would be "unrealistic" for the Joker to wear purple in TDK during the insane days of the perma-white debate.

Trying to justify why or why not the trunks shouldn't be included is pointless really, since Batman's entire outfit is ridiculous, and trying to justify any part of it is silly. It really just comes down to what people think looks good or doesn't. And that is the entire reason for any aesthetic part of Batman's costume. An artist thought it would look cool.


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