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Default Re: Mark Millar said 5-10 Franchises that Fox can make. What exactly are they?

Originally Posted by Angamb View Post
no way I see Fox and Singer puting Cyclops, Jean and Gambit in a different movie than Wolverine, Storm, Rogue and co.

The whole team is the big deal, so if they do more movies set in present time, we can be sure that Singer will use them all or most of them, instead of two different movies with smaller teams.

Um, one problem. Bryan Singer mentioned not wanting to use Gambit because he's too similar to Wolverine in terms of personality. Also, just based on how they were treated in previous films, the best thing that can be done for Cyclops and Phoenix is to keep them far away from Logan. When the three of them are together, then Wolverine steals Cyclops spotlight, makes him look like a crappy leader and Cyclops takes Logan's GF which just makes him look like a jerk. Meanwhile Jean is less a character than a piece of meat to fight over. Both are far more interesting on their own team.

I'd rather see Uncanny be led by Storm with Wolverine as the POV character and then X-Factor where Cyclops is allowed to be fleshed out. This is how it worked in the 80s and then as the 90s went on, there were the Blue and Gold teams along with a different form of X-Factor and X-Force. Right now, there's currently the Wolverine and Storm team in Amazing and then Cyclops off in Uncanny while Cable gets X-Force and Gambit gets X-Factor. There are way, way, way too many characters in the X-Men universe to cram them all into every single film. You need a crossover like DOFP where audiences are familiar with the characters to do something like that. If it can't be done over a 12 issue arc in comics, why can it be done in a two hour film?

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