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Default Re: The Batman Reboot JOKER Casting Thread

Originally Posted by regwec View Post
The thing that I want the next interpretation of The Joker to stress, that has not yet been fully explored, is the nature of his appeal to others. People follow The Joker to their deaths, and commit acts of which they would not have dreamed before they came under his maniacal influence. They are drawn to him, and the simmering promise of death and evil that he represents, like moths to the flame. Does The Joker represent mankind's darkest desires, or does he inspire by bewilderment and terror alone? Whichever, it seems it is easy to join his wild little band, but impossible to leave alive and unchanged. In that regard, he is a symbol of madness itself.
I always assumed most of them were paid henchmen. You gotta think after years and years in the crime business, Joker has amounted untold wealth. Maybe of all the criminals in Gotham he just pays the best? Lol.

And he better, given that he probably has you doing the most f***d up s***.

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