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Default Re: Nolan’s Batman Should Be in the Man of Steel Sequel

Originally Posted by RakuMon View Post
Just wanna clarify that I'm not trying to stir up old debates. If you click thru the link, you'll see that I'm on board with Affleck and the trilogy as a standalone.

But as shaunner pointed out, the rumors around the project seem to point toward the kind of Bats that could easily have been Bale. Also, from a business and peripheral standpoint, Nolan's DNA was all over MOS -- from the title fonts to the branding to the Zimmer score -- that a cohesion between the two seemingly makes sense.

That's all. Again, and for the record, I'm all for Affleck and revere TDKT as a standalone accomplishment. It was just too hard to ignore the connections and what could've been after hearing about the potential direction of the sequel.
But the problem isn't that they should be standalone projects. It's that the connections you bring up compromise the story of TDKT. Which means that on a fundamental basis, the two movies are NOT compatible (If BB/TDK had implied that there was a larger DC universe, then maybe). The burden of proof would fall on you and any other TDKR-MOS fan to prove how these two films could be connected without compromise.

You may think it's a missed opportunity, but from a story standpoint they make no sense and defeats the trilogy, in the sense that Bruce Wayne was given a catharsis in the finale of his character arc, and that's completely negated for the sake of making a connection between TDKR and MOS. In this case, Batman was treated as an end result of Wayne's depression and trauma. Also, Bruce Wayne would have to be ultra intelligent to pull off the drones, which is something Bale/Nolan's Batman wasn't. So it's an opportunity to start fresh and provide what could be another definitive take on Batman.

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