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Default Re: Mark Millar said 5-10 Franchises that Fox can make. What exactly are they?

the only reason Fox didnt do more spin-offs back in 2009 was because Origins had a huge negative reaction by fans and critics. But we all know they wanted spin-offs for Deadpool and Gambit. Thats why they were included, to introduce them as a lead up to their own movies, taking into account there was and is a demand of them.

But thankfully, time has passed and we live in a whoooole different era of comic book moviess, and ALL the studios know it, Warner knows it, Sony knows it, and Fox knows it too, and thats why they signed Mark Millar last year: to EXPAND the universe with different movies, instead of just two (team movie + Wolverine movies) and thats why X-Force is in development and we dont even know if Millar and Fox have something new in store too.

So.... even if some fans like it or not, after DOFP huge success, Fox WILL expand the universe with new stuff too.

So, we only have to wait and see for next year to get the official announcement of next new movie/s.

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