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Default Re: Next Batman Villain?

Well, since I'm a writer of sorts, I'll try and sell it!

We'll call this guy, Bob

Bob couldn't run much longer. His lungs were short of breath. Not only that, his lungs were freezing. Like everything else. He was freezing to death, he knew it. He didn't know the exact temperature, but right now, he didn't care, nor could he even think about it. All he could do was to try and keep going, and hopefully he would escape. ..
But the man who was terrorizing him, who froze the building he was brought to, was not far behind. This place was his lair, he knew it inside and out.
Bob panicked as he heard stamping of the heavy feet, metal crashing down on concrete.
The whirring robotic sounds getting louder and closer.
Bob darted to another door ahead of him, leading him to a flight of stairs. He smashed against the railing, trying to catch the little breath he had.
He peered down, and noticed the dark icy mist streaming up. Going down was not an option, so he carried himself up the stairs. His legs were heavy, his breathing was heavy, but he was determined not to perish here.

Then, he saw a tiny bit of hope, an open door at the top.
But he heard it again. ..The crashing feet and whirring noises. Bob looked down. Through the misty blue, he saw red piercing eyes ascending.

Bob used the last bit of strength he had to make it to the roof. Everything was burning him now as he escaped to what felt like a warm breeze on top of a 20 story building.
He lunged for the edge, nearly collapsing. He looked down and all around, but there was no way he could get down. He looked up, and saw it - The Bat-Signal. The last bit of hope he had. Maybe Batman would save him...But his hope was shattered when he turned round, he didn't even notice the sounds this time...
There, stood Mr. Freeze, his gun aimed at Bob.

Before Bob could do anything with his last bit of strength, everything frosted over him...The pain was indescribable, but he couldn't scream.
But, he saw the monster approach him with what looked like a heavy hammer in one hand and large ice pick in the other...

The sound of shattering glass pierced the night air...

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