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Default Re: Nolan’s Batman Should Be in the Man of Steel Sequel

Originally Posted by shauner111 View Post
My exact thoughts.

That's true about Grayson but that's why i think they swapped Blake for Grayson once they knew for sure that Bale wasn't returning and had to "reinvent".

It just sounds to me like Goyer had this premise for a while "OK guys we have Bruce retired, hiding out in the cave doing surveillance work with drones that he's created. He's back in Gotham after the alien invasion. He has a falling out with Blake over this paranoia. He goes to Metropolis and it all begins with Superman. Maybe we'll bring Diana in for a cameo".

There's your premise. Bale and Nolan say no so they make tiny adjustments. The exact same premise except replace Blake with Grayson, it's a new world so Bruce is semi-retired since he's been batman non-stop for over a decade. He's still in the public as Bruce Wayne so we'll add a love interest when he arrives in Metropolis. Everything else stays the same.
I absolutely think WB had Bale and Nolan in mind for this originally. Again, it goes back to El May's LR report back in decemeber which stated as much. Bale and Nolan weren't gonna come back anyway but it was certainly a hope WB had . I think that's why so much of what we're hearing about Affleck's Batman is a bit of a rehash from what we saw in tdkr.

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