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Default Re: David S. Goyer IS the Script Writer! - Part 2

I like to be open minded when it comes to these sci-fi things since it's hard to prove or disprove any of them with logic, but I don't think I like this whole Kyptonian atmosphere thing. Well, not in the context of a Batman/Superman fight anyways.

I just think it would open up a can of worms. The Kryptonian atmosphere that existed with the world engine was incomplete and only present for a short time. The whole invasion in MOS took place over a very short time period and people weren't expecting it. How would Batman have the chance to study that? The other atmosphere in the black zero was contained and again only there for a short while, then subsequently destroyed.

In order to use this atmosphere weakness, Batman would have had to study an atmosphere through an alien ship over a short time using highly sophisticated machinery during an invasion no one knew was coming. Then he has to find a way to contain and concentrate it because the widespread and incomplete WE way didn't weaken Supes enough at first and he would see that coming. And why would Supes just walk into some sort of alternate atmosphere and how would batman test it? What equipment would he use? The WE and BZ are gone. The ships left didn't have kryptonian atmospheres.

And even if Bats could create such a place, how could he stand to be in it in order to fight Supes? Lois had to wear a breather. Would bats wear some sort of breathing helmet? Where would he get that? Wouldn't supes wonder what was up with a helmeted Bats leading him into a special room? Couldn't Supes just rip off the helmet and kill him?

To be honest, I think finding a way to introduce Kyptonite would be less hokey that this atmosphere thing. People already know it's supes' weakness and it need less explanation that this other stuff. Goyer sometimes over complicates things and wastes time to explain how things work when he should explain how peoples' characters work. This is the problem with having Bats and Supes fight a physical fight. Fanboys don't want to admit that Bats just can't fight Supes and win, so something absurd has to occur to allow it. They have to bring the hokey-ness to make Bats a physical threat. I'd rather see them engage in a battle of wills/ideals instead.

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