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Default Re: Hulk vs Kurse (MCU Versions)

Originally Posted by AVEITWITHJAMON View Post
Ha ha, trying to add fuel to the fire there BH? Its a shame we didnt get more Kurse really to help us decide with the fight, we have had 2 movies of Hulk, but really half a movie with Kurse, thats makes it harder to Kurse to win this IMO.

Nothing Kurse did in this movie compared strength wise with Hulk stopping that huge monster in TA with one punch.
Yeah but does that really matter, both of them fought Thor and based on that Kurse is by far the superior. Kurse's punches sent Thor flying much farther and Thor's punches didn't effect Kurse in the least while they made Hulk spin around.

Kurse breaking that huge boulder loose with one punch, catching it, and throwing it into Thor was very impressive. Not as impressive as Hulk stopping that Leviathan but I have no doubt that he could do that as well. He just busted that boulder out and threw it sooooooo effortlessly, like there was literally zero straining.

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