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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
I still think that they should have someone in this film, whether it be Lois or Batman, or even Lex...comment and note on how there are other metahumans/superheroes starting to appear out of the shadows around the world, perhaps as a reaction to Superman's debut onto the scene, in order to help give a bigger allusion to the growing DC universe.

Heck, they could even have Lois say that she's colleagues/friends with Iris Allen and how she's heard from her that a mysterious speedy hero has arrived onto Central city, etc
This is what I want. If they are going to go to the trouble of adding anything then it should be added for the greater purpose of establishing the entire universe.

Mission Accomplished!
Originally Posted by Rowsdower! View Post
I've heard so many people talk about how Superman would kill Lois if they ever had sex, but I've never heard someone make this point before and it's brilliant. If Superman's bodily fluids are so dangerous, then he'd have to use a kryptonite toilet every time he takes a dump.
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