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Default Re: Batman Physique Thread

Originally Posted by Bruce Malone View Post
Again just because he didn't go through a hard-core cut process didn't negate how he actually appeared on film. Also the "fatman" jest was more to do about his overall mass including muscle not necessarily actual fat or water-weight. They didn't expect him to put on so much weight from his casting and the suit wasn't designed big enough.

You have to think of things relative to the character. I think Bale had the perfect look for someone who spent years just working on their core strength and wasn't particularly concerned about pure aesthetics or highlighting muscle definition.

Batman isn't an alien, a mutant, a super-soldier or a god, so you shouldn't necessarily compare his physique exactly to the other actors in those roles and what they achieved for their characters. I rather have Batman look like an MMA fighter rather than an underwear model ala bale in american psycho.

Bale was by far the best Batman physique out of all the prior actors and yes affleck does have big shoes to fill in that regards.
That's the functional muscle look. It doesn't always have the pleasant muscle shape of Cavill or the ripped 6-pack abs, but it tells a story of ability. That's what Bale had in BB, and should have kept for TDK. I didn't mind him being skinnier for TDKR because it fit the story.

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