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Default Re: Do you accept the theory of evolution? - Part 1

Originally Posted by Spider-Aziz View Post
Since this is discussed in a thread it does not really belong to, I will give in and say what I think of Evolution, and thoughts similar to this last post made by Marvolo in this thread, but I will say this little and not post again in this thread, cause I'm fairly bored of debates, they are more exhausting when some say they "state the obvious" and stick to it, but they obviously did not read the source they cite as they want us to believe

As a Muslim I'm attached to the Qura'an, it's and important part of my life, that 1400+ years old script still stand as it was for all these generations, and we strongly and firmly believe it's from God/Allah

Some of the contents of the Qura'an is science subjects; 'Big Bang' (which I honestly think is the source of scientists telling about the Big Bang, studying it, and presenting it), 'pregnancy and birth', 'stages of the child in the womb', 'planets and space', 'birds flying and staying airborne', and more. The science in this scripture is accepted and approved by scientists from all eras and beliefs, so I will stand by it, and believe science is part of religion, so the God is not just for the gaps, the God is the designer of the known and the unknown

Other subjects discussed are historical, first, how man was first created by God, and the reason we "Humans" exist, so this is one reason I don't believe in Evolution from Ape -> Man, or from any other living creature to be honest, man was there as man, no different stages, the God who created us debunked the idea of Evolution centuries before it became a theory
Another historical event we read in the Qura'an (I can't go into details about it, although it's a historical event, site rules don't allow it) of people morphing to apes, as punishment for disobeying a strict rule directed at them
There are a number of mistakes in reasoning and skeptical thinking contained in this post.

First, I'll take the "even if" approach.

Even IF the Quran did contain scientific information (which is not to concede that it does at all), how could we say that this information could ONLY be revealed by a god? This is a massive leap.

This fascinating video goes into further detail on the 'even if' approach to religious claims.

That aside, its pretty easy to spin poetic texts as containing scientific truths when we look at them in hindsight. On closer examination, these texts are usually very open to interpretation, do not contain ideas that were new at the time, or state things that are basic and require nothing extraordinary, and the reasoning requires ignoring other totally inaccurate texts. Joseph dreamed of 11 planets; does that mean there are 11 planets?

Does the sun orbit the Earth? Is the Earth flat?

And indeed, there ARE muslims that believe these things.

More scientific absurdities.

This seems rather unreliable.

In a nutshell, your post seems to me to be a reiteration of "my book says it, I believe it, that settles it".

That is not an honest path of inquiry. No discussion of the evidence whatsoever.

If you wish to inquire about the facts of evolution, the discussion MUST be centered around the evidence. If a scientist wants to disprove evolution, he must figure out how it can be falsified, and proceed to falsify it. One method of falsification is to find and date fossils to a period in which they simply would not belong according to our understanding of evolution (finding a rabbit from the pre-cambrian is one famous hypothetical example). Such a thing has never been found. When fossils are found and dated, scientists find exactly what they'd expect to if evolution is true; transitional fossils dated to very specific periods that show change over time.

Another example of falsification would be to observe some sort of limit to change. The Lenski e-coli experiment had ran for 25 years and just recently finished. After 25 years and 50, 000 generations, no upper limit to change had been found.

The evidence for evolution is massive. The genes; that scientists can point to the specific chromosomes (so specific they can tell you which centromere and telemere in the chromosome) in chimps and humans that shows our relation ALONE confirms the fact of evolution.

Any attempt to discredit evolution must consider the evidence.

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