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Default Re: How can the Winter Soldier's fate determine Joss Whedon's Kill in Avengers 2

Joss "Mr. Strong female hero" Whedon is not going to kill the only female superhero. Take Black Widow off your list.

They aren't going to kill off Steve Rogers for long. If they do Fallen son in Avengers 2, they'll do Return of Captain America in Captain America 3. Reason being, they're not going to waste any of Chris Evans' 6 film contract, and they will give them option renew it, which we simply cannot tell one way or another right now. So Evans will be Steve Rogers in Cap 3 and Avengers 3. How that will happen remains to be seen, but you'll see Evans every film in a major way.

Hawkeye will have a bigger role in Avengers 2, but not necessarily in Phase 3. Avengers 2 might very well be his last. Thor is as revivable as Cap, moreso, so he's on the table.

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