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Default Re: Thanos' role in Age of Ultron

Thanos won't have any part in his sentience, but I bet he'll be a part of the movie. Imagine a development into a mix of infinity gauntlet and war of kings? We know the stones are going to have some role in AoU, Fiege said the McGuffin from GotG will factor into AoU, which means Thanos will be somewhat relevant. Perhaps Ultron is aware of Thanos, and Ultron will want it for himself? So my guess about Ultron having something to do with one of the gems seems a bit accurate.

Thanos simply popping up and taking gems/stones through out the series until Avengers 3 would get tedious. He will more than likely have a larger, more expanded role that leads to it. Sure, his goal is to collect the gems, and create the IG, but I would expect more would happen, and we would see him do different things to get to that point. Other characters try to take that power...Thanos have to readjust his plan...etc, I think he'll be an interesting character in these movies.

Ultron gets defeated, but doesn't die, and maybe he goes into space. So for a GotG sequel, maybe we'd get an Annihlation Conquest type thing, with a villain who at the end turns out to have been controlled by Ultron. Thanos could sort of act as an Anti-Villain like he has shown to in the past, before taking the power for himself..then..Avengers 3?

Someone said something about AAA signing a multi picture deal? Kurse is dead, right? What if AAA plays Thanos??? Could that work?

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