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Default Re: All Things Superman and Batman: An Open Discussion - - Part 11

Originally Posted by Skrilla31 View Post
The X-Men are a team, not a superteam. It isn't a crossover, it's its own thing. The X-Men are a team. The Avengers are a superteam.
Xmen(first class for arguments sake) is a film. One in which a bunch of characters from different places in the world and origin stories come together to face a similar conflict. Among which 4(in the case of that film) were heavily featured two more so, and one in particular. We can throw titles like team and super team around but what I'm interested in is the truth of the matter. No one complains about lack of development in that film, in spite of it's sheer amount of screen time sharing.

Simple question. Assume they had made Avengers right after the first Iron Man movie in place of Iron Man 2. No solo franchises, no crossover. Just a flat out Iron Man sequel featuring Cap, Thor and Hulk. Would it have been just as good? Do you think it would have been equally as successful?
Would it have been as successful? No, but I'm sure coming out of it Cap and the rest of them would have had more successful solos(The ironman sequel in particular). But that's neither here nor there.

Would it have been "as" good. Well I suspect they would have had to infuse more development and character work so probably. I do know it would have been different. I'd ask a similar question as to how much solo work does an xmen movie need to be good...meh.

As for Superman... one of the biggest criticisms of MOS was that it's main character felt underdeveloped and underutilized. I'm sorry but that's a legitimate concern for a lot of people. We barely even got to know Clark. And now before he can even stretch his legs, he's sharing the screen with Batman and god knows who else. Again, it just feels imposed.
I don't see how adding another character ruins the prospect of development. If someone said this was going to be Superman vs Luthor(and heavy), it would be the same situation. People are confusing the issue based on it being another costumed hero with a name. Whereas if it was another costumed villain with a name there would be almost no argument.

All they have to do is treat batman like they did Joker in tdk. A figure the audience knows enough about. They could even treat him as a dent if they want...That's the situation wb is in with batman that marvel wasn't in with cap/thor.

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