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Default Re: Easter Eggs (SPOILERS)

Originally Posted by Binker View Post
I think I have the answer for you: Clark wasn't emulating anybody. He just grabbed a red sheet and ran around playing with his dog. In turn, he created by accident the superhero concept, which by coincidence, later in his life when he found out about his origins, he would wear a suit with a red cape just like what he wore at this age. And yes, Kryptonians were a caped culture, but given what this movie was suggesting, and rightfully so, that Clark invented the concept and Superman is the first (until we find out more about the sequel) superhero, just like the real world where he is the first, that's what I got from that flashback.
What's to say there aren't comic book heroes in this universe?? Like in Smallville there was Warrior Angel. Why can he not have a hero that he looked up to as a child and decides to be a hero like his favorite comic character instead of saying, "Well I was Superman for a day....let me hide this damn costume and hit the road again and go back into hiding". I'm just saying he could have a hero that he looks up to in comic books

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