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Default Re: OK...its time.....Man of Steel vs Superman Returns - Part 1

Originally Posted by Azrael24 View Post
SR vs MOS- my thoughts.

Acting: MOS wins this by a mile, the best actor in SR is Kevin Spacey and honestly that is hardly his best work. Every character was better portrayed by their acting counterparts in MOS

Script: MOS. I honestly think SR had a very novel idea of having him 'return' to the screen and in the Superman universe. But it was very poorly executed and to lift the exact same plot from STM is just lazy. MOS, for me had a classic comic book plot, very good for an origin story same level as BB. People complain about the corny dialogue in MOS (where?) but SR had some horrible lines, "I'm always around." Really?

Music: MOS...omg. Anyone who didn't like the Hans Score..dunno what to tell you. John Ottman should only focus on editing or composing..not both in the same film, that is a bad decision by Singer. His score was very very very depressing.

Cinematography: MOS. SR was actually not bad, there were some very nice shots, but Snyder is known for this and is probably the best visual director in hollywood.

Romance: Here is where it gets interesting..I am actually going with MOS. Kate Bosworth is HORRIBLE. No chemistry between her and Brandon. The Superman in handcuffs interview with Lois is more romantic than any scene in SR. Just because you put two people close and play slow music doesn't emit need screen chemistry which they lacked. Same thing I feel about Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst.

Superman: MOS. I'm sorry, I am a rabid Superman fan and I LOVED this Superman. This is the one I knew as a kid, I never felt like he didn't try to save people. I just felt like he was physically (finally) matched up so he couldn't just do everything. They made him a man, not a god. Thank you. SR..not so much...this Superman f***ed lois and then left earth without telling her for 7 years!? Yeah..okay.

Villains: MOS. Faora alone wins this category

I'm sorry, I just don't see how the two compare. SR made me defend Superman to friends who didn't like the character. MOS made those friends fans.
BINGO....I agree 110% I agree to infinity and beyond that Superman was unable to save people in Metropolis due to the fact that he was matched up with a villain that was able to go toe to toe with him. If Superman was trying to save People Zod would just fly around Metropolis and kill more people and destroy more of the city. All in all I thought Man of Steel was the superior movie between the two

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